Skaters Academy

Skate Maintenance

Taking good care of your skates means taking good care of yourself!

Purpose of skate maintenance

After a hefty investment on a new pair of skates, it is always important to maintain them so as to ensure safety, reliability, a longer life span of the skate and the comfort it can bring to you.

Simply give your inline skates to any of our instructors who will do the basic maintenance for you, or pay a nominal fee for a complete strip-down maintenance, recommended once annually.

Taking good care of your skates means taking good care of yourself!

After yourself, your inline skating equipment is next most important factor of protecting yourself from injuries. Regular maintenance will help keep your inline equipment safe for skating and prolongs their lifespan, which equates to better performance.

Skate Bearings

Inline skate bearings require cleaning if you feel resistance, that you are slowing down quickly; or when a grinding/scratchy sound is heard when the wheels spin.

Skate Wheels

Wheel rotation is extremely important to the SAFE and efficient usage of your inline skates!

The frequency of wheel rotation depends on your skating style, i.e. how often you skate, what surfaces you skate on and the type of wheels used. Rotate the wheels whenever there are visible signs of wear would prevent skaters from adopting the wrong postures and edging techniques
which could cause injuries.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 5.06.34 pm

We have included a visual guide for you to do the rotation:
“1” corresponds to the first wheel of your skate, and so on and so forth.

Things to do for skate maintenance

  • Clean skate boots and frame with cleansing agent (e.g. Detol)
  • Assessment of wheel rotation and condition
  • Students are advised to send their skates to us for maintenance annually.
  • Bearing cleaning (Removal of shields, degreasing, washing and re-lubrication)

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