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back to our beginnings

Mob Wives returns with a major bang as rivalries continue into Season 2. Two new cast members Ramona Rizzo, granddaughter of Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero who was portrayed by Al Pacino in the film Donnie Brasco, and Angela Raiola aka “Big Ang” are added to the mix. All original cast members, Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo, Drita D’Avanzo and Karen Gravano will all return.

Several cities, including San Francisco, Boston and many smaller Massachusetts communities have considered or passed bans on tobacco sales in stores with pharmacies. Other places like New York City have sought to curb retail displays and promotions and raise the legal age at which someone can buy tobacco products. Retail sales of tobacco, which is comprised largely of cigarettes, were about $107.7 billion in 2012, according to market researcher Euromonitor International..

Cranberries are a wetland fruit found in sandy marches and bogs on low growing vines throughout much of North America and Canada. Cultivation of the cranberry began around Cape Cod, Mass., in the early 1800s and spread to Wisconsin in the 1850s and the Pacific Northwest by the 1880s. Cranberry farms are found along the coastal areas in Oregon and Washington and some offer tours.

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Afterwards, he spent many wonderful years as a young adult living in Boston, NYC, and Canada. He considered these great days filled with friends he kept his entire life. When he married and had kids, they became the center of his world. Was upset as I was. I remember both of them saying, is an awful time, but it not over and it only over if you want it to be over. They gave me the option to do whatever I needed to do for myself which was great..

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